You will find all the information about our work in school, both teachers and students, related to foreing languages.

OUR GOALS are also Erasmus goals:
Sello de calidade do Proxecto emitido polo Servicio Nacional de Apoio etwinning. 2022
Where we are?
Xoga para practicar inglés

Our goals

Partners for exchanges

etwinning projects


Our Teachers

The internationalization team has a coordinator teacher and other teachers who work on the team

bitmoji juli saludando

Julia Cea

English, Galician, music

Julia is the team coordinator. She teaches music in English in our school.

avatar fernando

Fernando Teijeiro

English, Galician, maths

Fernando is a Maths teacher. He teaches maths in English and Galician language.

What We Do

Cooperative work both teachers and students

Use of ICT tools

Etwinning projects

Interdisciplinary activities

Continuous assessment

Language for life

Learning of English will give our students the main tool they need to develop any project in their future lifes. CLIL methodology offers the possibility to practice more for a better experience of the Sencond Language. 

ICT improvement

On CLIL methodolody and specially with the participation of the school in etwinning projects, we give the opportunity to our students to develop skills related to use of ICT tools, which, for sure, they will need in their future projects or jobs. We also feel that it is our responsability to insist on e-safety and internet ethics and values. It is included in our programmes and activities to work on this issue.